Credentialing and Contracting Package


  • Credentialing or Recredentialing with commercial insurance, networks, workers comp, and government plans.

  • Contracting for commercial insurance, networks, workers' comp and government plans.

  • Fee Negotiation for commercial insurance, networks and workers' comp.

  • CAQH Application (new or update)Individual.

  • NPI Application (new or update)Group NPI.

  • Application (new or update).

Annual Maintenance Plan


  • CAQH maintenance and re-attestation.

  • Individual NPIupdates and maintenance.

  • Group NPI updates and maintenance.

  • Renewals of License, DEA, CDS, etc.(Fees required in the application process, not payable to

    IntegrityCred, are the responsibility of the provider).

  • Recredentialing of Current Insurance Plans.

  • Recredentialing of Current Hospitals

  • Demographic Maintenance

  • Consulting

  • Additional plans (up to 5) for existing providers

Renegotiation  of Current Contracts


  • Fee Schedule Analysis

  • Contract Renegotiation

Individual Services Offered

  • CAQH New Application

  • CAQH Update

  • NPI New Application

  • NPI Update

  • Recredentialing

  • Contract Renegotiation

  • Consulting

  • Fee Schedule Analysis

  • Hospital Privileges

  • State License, DEA, CDS, etc.

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